Business Meetings Food Paris 2020

19.10.2020 Paris

77 days to go
October 19, 2020
Duration: 4 Days
39 Participants

Welcome to Business Meetings Food Paris 2020


These business meetings are a real opportunity to find the international partners your business needs.
For this reason, it seems essential to us to maintain them despite the postponement of SIAL to 2022.

Are you a stakeholder in the food industry ? Buyers, suppliers, Business Meetings Food Paris 2020 are for you !

Business Meetings will take place either physically in dedicated areas in the premises of Business France (77, boulevard Saint Jacques, 75014 Paris), or by videoconference, depending on the ability of the parties to travel.

Whichever solution you choose, we take care of everything! By providing a physical appointment space or a technical solution for virtual appointments.

You are a buyer                                      You are a supplier

These professional meetings between buyers and suppliers are organized for you by Business France and members of the Enterprise Europe Network, the CCI Normandy and the CCI Paris Ile-de-France.

Due to the exceptional global context linked to the Covid-19 crisis, business meetings can take several forms:

  • physical meetings with the implementation of preventive measures and tools
  • online appointment, with the same quality of selection and networking of buyers and suppliers.

In these two cases, the samples can either be brought to the place of the physical appointment, or sent before the appointment if the situation allows it.

To participate in the Business Meetings Food Paris 2020

Fill out a short questionnaire before the 1st of October 2020 describing your company and the products, services, and skills you are proposing and/or are looking for.
A clear and precise presentation is more likely to ignite the interest of buyers.


WARNING: the pieces of information to be provided should be written/typed in English!



In Business meetings SIAL Paris 2018, there were ...

- 84 participating companies
- 54 participating buyers
- 309 successful appointments

Business meetings SIAL 2018 video